In order to renew your certification and membership in the NCSA, we need to receive the following items from you.

  1. Pay for and fill out Re-Certification application (see below)
  2. Submit form – 6 hours of continuing education classes – Need name of class, hours attended and instructors signature or receipt of class
  3. $75.00 Membership fee (see pay pal below)
  4. A Background check that is less than 2 years old.
  5. Proof of current Infant CPR.
  6. Updated resume (see the format at the bottom of this page).

This information must be submitted via email. We accept NO hard copies.

The $75.00 renewal fee is for two years of membership with benefits. Upon receipt of your dues you will receive an updated NCSA Certification certificate for your portfolio. You will continue to receive the newsletter, have unlimited use of the NCSA logo on your website, brochures and business cards. There is an advocate available to assist you with any problems or questions you may have. Most importantly, your certification provides you with a competitive edge! Future clients will know they are interviewing a Newborn Care Specialist that is highly qualified and professional. This will give them additional confidence in their choice to hire you rather than an un-certified candidate!

We are here for you! If you have any questions we invite you to email ( directly.She will personally walk you through your re-certification process!

This is how your resume should look:

Your name, address, email address, phone number

Jobs worked: One paragraph for each client, to include:

See below:

Clients name and contact information ie: John and Mary Smith

Dates worked for that client ie: Jan 1 2014 – Feb 15, 2014

Short description of job ie: Preemie twin girls breastfed, reflux and scheduling issues. I was not able to sleep train due to time restriction. Parental education was the main focus of this job.