Gentle Blessing’s Progressive Training




In-Person Workshops Offered Across the Nation

Gentle Blessings is hands-on, in-person training only.  We offer workshops in Basic and Master’s classes.  We are the cumulative effort of Gentle Ventures and Multiple Blessings.  Traveling through out the country we put on workshops advancing the knowledge of the NCS.  The Master’s workshops will include teachers from all over the nation and subjects not before taught in NCS classes. The Basic classes will be taught by Nancy Hamm and Katie Ann Morin and will include Basic newborn care along with advanced care.  We urge you to consider these classes by 2 of the nations top teachers.  Call now to schedule a workshop in your city!

Ms. Hamm and Ms. Morin will always mentor any of there students for their lifetime.  We also offer referrals for our students first.

To check out the curriculum and workshop schedule click here.