Newborn Care Workshop for all

Newborn Care Specialist’s, Doula’s, Midwives, Nanny, New and Expectant Parents
are all invited to the first ever Newborn Workshop.
Featuring Dr. Harvey Karp the renown Pediatrician, and the author of the best selling book the Happiest Baby On The Block. The workshop will also include a Holistic Pediatrician to talk about natural healing for our newborns, a bereavement psychologist, pediatric chiropractor, sleep training experts, preemie and multiple care experts and a PPD psychotherapist . Then for the Newborn Care Worker who is looking to start her own business we have a full day of business speakers who will walk you through all aspects of owning your own business.
We hope you will join us for 4 days of learning fun.
October 14 – 17, 2016
Embassy Suites North
Los Angeles, CA for the best price.