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Please read the instructions before you use Pay Pal to pay for anything.    If you do not you will pay and not be able to do anything.


To apply for your Newborn Care Specialist certification you must log in and pay before you begin.  To log in go to the top of the page and click on Register. After you register you must wait for the confirmation email from the NCSA.  You will then click on the link in that email.  Then you can log in. Do all of this on your laptop not your IPAD.  After you fill in your information you will be able to store your forms and uploads on line before you submit them all at the same time.

After you pay for the application/certification or test be sure to follow the link BACK to the NCSA to complete your application or test. DO ALL THIS ON YOUR LAPTOP NOT YOUR NOTEBOOK.

To read the requirements first please go here.




For NCS’s who re-certify within 30 days of their certification  date will pay $50 for 2 years.  Those who re- certify after the 30 day grace period will pay $75 for 2 years.  You will submit your continuing education hours and your resume, although once you are certified you do not have to meet any minimum hours to qualify.



NCSA TEST  Only for those who have taken the approved course

MUST BE TAKEN TO QUALIFY.  This may be taken at any time.  Your test results will be valid for up to 2 years.

After you pay for the test be sure to click ‘take me back to the NCSA’ and your test will be there.  It will start right away so do not pay for the test until you are ready to take it.  It is a 90 minute timed test.  Your results will be given to you immediately after the test.